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Retailer Choice Best New Product


The prospects for the future are bright as well. We are looking at worldwide distribution and extension of the product line to Arnold Palmer Half & Half Mixers, Arnold Palmer Half & Half Hard (with malt liquor) available in ceramic jugs and long-neck bottle six packs, as well as a strong push on Arnold Palmer Half & Half Powder Mix. In addition, we're introducing Arnold Palmer Sweet Tea Southern Style made with pink lemonade.

And soon, AriZona will announce the launch of the Arnold Palmer KidZ line in 10-ounce containers with some of the proceeds, appropriately, going to support the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Hard Half & Half Tea Jug Prototype   Pomegranate Tea Bottle   Green Tea Bottle  
Prototype version of the Arnold Palmer “Hard” Jug Half & Half. Prototype for the new Kidz line. Powdered sticks and single serving drink mix.