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From left to right: 1) My partner Mark Dowey, right, and I displaying our first packaged single-serve Arnold Palmer beverage at the 7th hole during the 2002 Bay Hill Invitational. 2) This display was in The Giant Eagle in Latrobe, Pennsylvania., Mr. Palmer’s hometown, where we merchandised our first sale of half gallon refrigerated Arnold Palmer TEE. It sold for $1.99 each. 3) A sampling of the original Arnold Palmer TEE brand execution incorporating bright blue packaging, Arnold Palmer’s trademark signature, and a twist on the famous Arnold Palmer umbrella using a golf tee and a lemon wedge.


We formed our management company, Innovative Flavors, LLC. Our plan was built around the idea that we could license dairies and tea manufacturers throughout the country to process and package the product under strict quality assurance guidelines, and market the product using the Arnold Palmer name and images. In return, Innovative Flavors would provide the formula and the ingredients to sell to the dairies and/or the ice tea manufacturers, creating a revenue stream to pay royalties to Arnold Palmer Enterprises. Our goal was to sell Arnold Palmers in every convenience store, supermarket, golf club and restaurant around the world.

We started first with the refrigerated product marketed to dairies – where Charley, Mark and I all had connections. Soon there were half-gallon containers of our Arnold Palmer Tea in grocery stores from California to Connecticut. Everything was moving along nicely.

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Original Tea Label 2001   Final Tee Label 2001   Tea bin  
Our first bottle label design.
APRIL 2001:
Improvements came two months later.
MARCH 2002:
Our product debuts at the Bay Hill Invitational.